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  • About double eyelid stick small popular science

    announcer: admin

    time: 2018-12-28

    Bright & big eye is the dream of all schoolgirl, because this is called small eye "rescuer" double eyelid sticks be in hot pursuit greatly.Thick eyelid type, inside double thin eyelid type, inside double pure single eyelid trouble, all easy to solve.

    Three kinds of shapes
    From the shape classification, there are three kinds of double eyelid patch.
    Wide, small semicircle, this kind of double eyelid sticks the radian that should follow eyelash to stick.
    Another kind is narrow crescent shape, this kind of double eyelid sticks cannot follow eyelash to stick, and should follow ideal double eyelid grain to stick.
    The 3rd kind is olivet form, intermediate circle is pointed at both ends, this kind of double eyelid sticks should stick good eyelid middle position first, press both sides to stick gently again can.

    Three kinds of material
    According to material classification, double eyelid paste can be divided into three types.
    One is medical adhesive material, invisible breathable, easy to use.
    The other is a medical fibre strip, which is sticky and more invisible.
    The third is mesh lace material, highly invisible, thin and breathable, can be perfectly integrated with the eyelids.

    Corresponding choice
    1. Wide-shaped double-eyelid paste: it is suitable for double-fold or single-fold eyelid with thick fat, and it has strong support.
    2. Narrow crescent paste: it is suitable for girls with thin eyelids and can be cut to the appropriate length as required.
    3. Lace double-eyelid paste: it needs to be used together with glue, and all kinds of eye shapes are suitable.
    The skin around the eyes is very thin and fragile, so be careful and gently apply and remove the double eyelid patch. It is recommended to use a professional makeup remover before tearing.When using double eyelid to stick, pull frequently, can harm the skin, make eyelid flexibility drops, everybody little fairy must notice!