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  • 15 Simple and practical makeup tips

    announcer: admin

    time: 2018-12-28

    Life skills are everywhere, so is makeup.15 simple and practical makeup tips to make your makeup more delicate and beautiful, for your beautiful icing on the cake.
    1.Every time you make up, you can double the size of your eyes by gently scanning your appearance with light coffee in the eye socket.
    2.Powder makeup can increase the time of wearing makeup.
    3.Choose the same color for eye shadow, blush and lipstick, which will make your makeup look cleaner and more delicate.
    4.Using lipstick as a blush will last longer and won't go away as quickly as pink blush.
    5.Concealer is too dry?Blow with blower hot air, become soft immediately, go up makeup effect is superexcellent and do not affect the effect.
    6.The color number of foundation liquid is bought deep, which can be used together with the isolation cream or brightening liquid with moisturizing effect.
    7.beauty makeup eggs before makeup, wet with water and squeeze out the water, makeup can create a smooth muscle.
    8.Doesn't dry mascara work?Just soak it in hot water for ten minutes.
    9.dark circles, can be the bean paste color lipstick and concealer mixture, test is the most effective way to cover the dark circles.
    10.When you shake your hands and brush the legs of flies with mascara, brush your eyelashes with a bent eyebrow brush.
    11.The larger and brighter the mirror is, the less likely to make mistakes when making up. Therefore, it is recommended to use a makeup mirror with lights.
    12.The longer the eyebrows are drawn, the smaller the face looks.13. Powder puff can be put in a disposable plastic bag, then put on the powder puff, lotion and water, and then gently rub, than directly knead clean.
    14.Attend a party to have group photo opportunity, must not choose pink to mix lipstick, can appear so without aura.
    15.If you feel heavy after applying makeup, try buying a bottle of makeup spray and apply it every time.