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  • Your puff lacks a good partner

    announcer: admin

    time: 2019-01-02

    As a beautiful girl, the powder puff nature is essential, sponge powder puff, air cushion powder puff, gourd powder puff......All kinds of makeup powder puff bought a lot, also used a lot.Pink puff is good, decided your bottom makeup whether even take a post, whether relaxed and natural.But, a lot of people ignored another important problem however, that is whether powdery puff is clean, affected makeup effect not only makeup, still affect the health of the skin.
    Powder puff usually needs to be cleaned once a week, small make up strongly recommend the use of powder puff cleaner, only a small amount, simple and effective cleaning powder puff.Compared with makeup remover oil and soap, powder puff cleaner formula is professional, strong cleaning force, only a little can effectively clean sterilization, and gentle cleaning, do not hurt powder puff.
    One bottle and wash your powder puff white.