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  • Are you using the right combs for your hair?

    announcer: admin

    time: 2019-01-02

    A comb is a daily gadget, but do you know what a comb does? How to choose a comb for different hairstyles?
    Comb hair with a comb not only can clean the head, also can make the head gets effective massage, conduce to circulation of head blood.The premise that chooses comb should be quality is better, use rise more comfortable, different hairstyle also has different to the choice of comb.
    1. A comb with wide plates and dense teeth
    Suitable for straight hair, it can gather up the hair, long hair comb the luster smooth.
    2. Circular comb with dense teeth
    Suit oneself blow air modelling, it can make different hairdo according to oneself demand.
    3. Flat comb with large tooth spacing
    Suit curl, it can protect the flimsy curl after perm, still can maintain the fleeciness of integral hairstyle.(for perm combing can also learn to use the hand: five fingers apart along the forehead down, down along the neck, plus the hand on the hair shaking, forming a smooth and casual hair overall feeling.)