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  • Sharp multifunctional shaving knife won the national design

    announcer: admin

    time: 2018-12-28

    A few days ago, from the state intellectual property office came good news: by Guangzhou S.Belle  cosmetics co., ltd. independent research and development of the product: sharp multifunctional shaving knife, won the national appearance design patent, patent number: ZL 2017 3 0116594.7.
    Sharp multifunctional shaving knife emphasizes simplicity and comfort in appearance design, highlighting the sense of line, fluency and artistic sense. Simplicity reveals the fashion sense and high quality of products.This won the national design patent, but also reflects the company's attention to product research and development design and efforts.
    Innovation is the soul of rapid and steady development of the enterprise. In the development process of Guangzhou S.Belle cosmetics co., ltd. for more than 20 years, the company has always adhered to strengthening the research and development force, constantly pushing through the old to bring forth the new, and winning numerous opportunities and broad market for the industry and the company's development.Previously, the products designed by the company have also won national patents for many times, and the innovative design has won the recognition and praise of the industry for the enterprise, and won the long-term steady development and improvement of the enterprise.Looking forward to the future, the company will continue to advance by leaps and bounds, with innovation and technology to win the future.