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  • Japanese businessmen visit our company for inspection

    announcer: admin

    time: 2018-12-29

    A few days ago, Guangzhou S.Belle cosmetics co., ltd. welcomed a few guests from afar -- from Japan to many merchants, visit the company together.
    Accompanied by President li of the company, a group of Japanese businessmen visited the production department, packaging department, warehousing and logistics department of the company with great interest.Customers for the company's production technology, production scale and enterprise strength, gave full recognition and appreciation.
    As is known to all, the company exclusively introduced Japanese macro eyebrow shaving blade five years ago, and combined with the company's production technology, innovative research and development of a variety of types of macro eyebrow shaving knife, to meet the market demand.Since entering the domestic market, the macro eyebrow trimmer has rapidly occupied the leading position in the domestic market of eyebrow trimmer with the advantages of sharp and smooth blades, ultra-precision mesh protection, and no peeling, redness and pain after use, and users can't put it down.In 2016, the company exclusively developed and launched a series of new products, such as the supreme speed shaving knife, the moon shaving knife, etc., which is the first in the industry and leads the market development.
    This time, the Japanese businessmen went deep into the company to visit and investigate, in order to promote the continuous cooperation and development of both sides in the future.Based on the good cooperation between the company and the Japanese company, the company is expected to reach more cooperation and consensus on projects in the future.