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  • Hairdressing knife has won the national design patent

    announcer: admin

    time: 2018-12-29

    In August 2018, good news came again from the state intellectual property office: the new product independently designed and developed by Guangzhou S.Belle cosmetics co., ltd is beauty salon knife, which has won the national appearance design patent, patent number: ZL 2018 3 0087059.8.
    Hairdressing knives highlight fashionable, simple, delicate and unique product features in the appearance design. Through exquisite craftsmanship, they highlight the smooth lines, high quality and high grade of the products.This won the national design patent, but also fully shows the company in product research and development design of super strength and innovative spirit.
    Innovation is the soul and core driving force of enterprise development. In the process of enterprise development, the company has always adhered to independent innovation and assisted the rapid development of the enterprise with scientific and technological research and development.In addition to this beauty salon knife, previously by the company's independent research and development of the supreme • front speed eyebrow shaving knife, lingdong • crescent eyebrow shaving knife, sharp shaving knife and other products, has repeatedly won the national design patent.
    Founded in the 1990s, Guangzhou S.Belle cosmetics co., ltd is the first enterprise to enter the beauty cosmetics tool industry in China. Over the years, it has been working hard and conscientiously to win the long-term trust and support of the market and consumers with high-quality products.The company has established a number of beauty makeup tool brands, including fenling, keqi, XueMary, OTW, etc., with the spirit of craftsmanship, the company has successfully developed the domestic terminal market and helped the brand develop rapidly.
    Over the years, Guangzhou S.Belle cosmetics co., ltd in order to build a leading brand beauty makeup tools as own duty, actively explore innovation, lead the market by the technology and quality and seeking the development of the enterprise itself at the same time, positive efforts to promote the beauty makeup tools industry development, also wish the domestic beauty makeup tools industry can develop better and better in the future!